Brand Enhances Countries, Quality Enhances Companies--The first board meeting of Yangtze River Delta Quality Brand Association was held in Yixing

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Sponsored by Yangtze river delta quality brand association and sponsored by far east intelligent energy co., LTD.(Smart Energy for short; stock code: 600869), the Yangtze river delta quality brand alliance industry-university-research technology alliance development seminar and new infrastructure strategy seminar will be held on August 7, 8 at international hotel in dongyi,yixing.


Xu Weiying, Director of Wuxi Market Supervision Administration, Hu Hong, Deputy Director, Yang Hanbo, Director, Dan Chen Farong, Director of Yixing Market Supervision Administration, Deng Ji, Academician of Shanghai Academy of Quality Management and Science, Zhu Qirong, Deputy Director of Quality Strategy and Policy Research Institute, Director, Professor, and Doctoral Supervisor of Zhejiang University Quality Control Research Center Xiong Xiong Wei, General Manager of Quality Department of Hefei China Ion Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Li Jun, Director of General Office of Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Huang Suzhen, Senior of Goodbaby Products Vice President Zhu Yunlong, Director of Process and System Management Department of Ningbo Fangtai Cooking Equipment Co., Ltd. Shen Zheng, Director of Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co., Ltd. Technology Center Cao Xiuming, Manager of Science and Technology Management Department of Farsheng Hongsheng Group Co., Ltd. Chen Aihua, Dean of Jiangnan University Business School Ten Lefa, Li Feng, the head of the marketing department, and Wang Jiayue, a media writer in the Jiangsu Office of Shanghai Wenhui Po, were invited.

Jiang Xipei, founder, chairman of the board of directors and general secretary of the Party of Far East holding group; Jiang Huajun, investor, deputy secretary of the Party committee, director, vice chairman and CEO of smart energy; Xu Jing, chief technical quality service officer of investor technology and smart energy cable industry; Shao Liang, senior director of investor, supervisor and general manager department, Huang Xiawei, senior consultant of smart energy, attended the meeting.


Hu Hong's speech

Hu Hong first welcomed the guests attending the meeting. He said the Council is another historic meeting since its establishment on July 7, 2020. It promoted all matters of the alliance charter and marked the formal beginning of the Yangtze River Delta quality brand alliance, which represents the member units. Building a high quality brand together is a happy day. It is hoped that all experts, scholars and entrepreneurs will actively speak, participate in the alliance work plan, and participate in the construction of high-quality brands in the Yangtze River Delta.


Jiang Hua Jun's speech

Jiang Huajun delivered a welcome speech. He said as follows: Yixing is a comfortable and pleasant city with convenient transportation, developed industry and profound cultural heritage. Smart energy can preside over the conference, which is the Federation's trust in the Far East, and the Far East will always take responsibility and provide comprehensive services for the Federation's meetings. Smart energy will also combine its own development status and strategic needs, and report the Far East's high-quality brand building strategy to the conference.





Experts participating in the meeting put forward their opinions and plans

According to the schedule of the meeting, we will introduce the development status of relevant industries, discuss, provide consultants and put forward useful ideas in terms of national quality infrastructure construction (NQI) and new infrastructure participated by participating experts, scholars and entrepreneurs. Suggestions are put forward for the future work of the Federation.


  Deng Ji's speech

Deng Ji said: the Federation should absorb more excellent enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes, share the development achievements of high-quality brands, consider the development of service industry, and steadily promote the implementation of high-quality brand construction strategy.


Photo of participants