Anhui cable: multi-dimensional strategic layout to constantly build nuclear cable, special cable leading position

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China's nuclear sector plans to achieve a strategic target of 8,000 MW of nuclear power plant shipments by 2025, according to state authorities, which means the country's nuclear power development is "heating up".

Anhui Cable Co., LTD. (HEREINAFTER referred to as Ancable) has been engaged in the research, development and production of nuclear power cables for more than 20 years in the field of nuclear power plants, and has been developing with the development of China's nuclear power business. After years of accumulation, Ancable has successfully installed cables by establishing a "ecosystem" of business management with cable characteristics, production research and development and route development, and has firmly occupied 60% of the nuclear power market. 

Expand strategic layout and cultivate market segments

In 2019, the total cable storage volume of Ancable increased 39.03% year on year, and the net revenue increased 101.63% year on year. At present, Ancable is one of the top 100 private enterprises in Anhui and more than 20 in the cable industry in Anhui.

Anhui cable has always adhered to the development concept of "seeking better", followed the trend of the market, focused the development perspective on nuclear ammunition and high value-added products, and constantly optimized the product structure.

Now, the main production of Anhui cable are cables level 1e and non-1evel 1e, low voltage power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, 35 kv and below cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable, all kinds of flame retardant, fire resistant, low smoke zero halogen, low smoke low halogen, intrinsically safe cable, silicone rubber, ptfe and other special cables, special shielded cable, wind cable, pv inverter cables, rubber sets of cables, and high-end home installs wiring etc series products of various classes.

Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, Pakistan

With first-class development force, top-notch product quality and supporting sales and service system, the Ancable has won the bidding for many important national projects in qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant, Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, Daqing Oil Field, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and other safety cables, and exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Pakistan, Iran, Philippines, Vietnam, Sudan, etc. While consolidating its position in the nuclear power market, the company is also developing and manufacturing more kinds of cables to expand the market.

Adhering to the "focus on the main" management concept, Ancable made 5 segments of the market strategy in 2020, five main market segmentations are: nuclear power, military industry, rail transportation, etrochemical industry and high-end residential wire market, which increase the technology research and development, production, marketing, supply chain capital investment, such as mining special cable market potential, and strengthen the market position.

At the same time, based on the global layout and direction, the Ancable accelerates the pace of anchoring to the sea, effectively USES the power of the country to build nuclear power plants, and leads the core cable industry. After the establishment of the company, the Belt and Road and domestic nuclear power plants have followed the course of medium and long term development, and have taken a leading position in foreign markets.

Focus on innovation and research and development to stay ahead

"Science and technology is the first productive force" Ancable,introduced a large amount of research and development funds, a group of researchers gathered resources development advantages, and won the "provincial enterprise Technology Center certificate. He has won many provincial and municipal Science and Technology awards, including "Cables under Harsh environment of Class 1E of Hualong No.1", Science and Technology Award of China Nuclear Industry Association and Science and Technology Award of Anhui Province.

Hualong One Nuclear Power Station

On the road of research and development, the Ancable man never stops. In addition to all series of nuclear grade cable products, Ancable has independently developed cables for floating nuclear power stations and fourth-generation nuclear technology executive wave-reactor cables, further improving the complete R&D reserve system. Establish experienced operators of nuclear power cables. 

In order to improve the overall technical level of the R&D team, we will continue to provide professional technical training and practical combination for the R&D team through the installation of cables in 2020. In addition, Ancable will strengthen its cooperation with Hefei Institute of Technology to achieve market consistency, improve training quality, and cultivate technical human resources that are highly responsive to the actual human resources of the company and the front line. .

In terms of product quality, the cable adheres to the principle of "quality as life", establishes a quality inspection center, and conducts a comprehensive inspection on the product performance. At present, Ancable has more than 60 inspection and test equipment and facilities, and set up three branches: cable inspection center, cable combustion test center and cable partial discharge shielding room, fully meet GB/T3048, GB/T3956, GB4909 and other cable mechanical physical and electrical performance of the national standard inspection requirements.

Under strict quality control, the company's products were rated as high-tech products, Anhui brand products and Anhui Industry Excellent products, and won the 2018 Chuzhou Mayor quality Award.

Develop marketing approaches and improve service system

"Channel people have the world" means that the future competition of the cable industry is channel competition under the situation of serious product homogeneity. Adhering to the concept of "customer centered", Ancable has established exclusive stores throughout northern and southern China and continuously improved its marketing service system.

Anhui cable Tianchang store grand opening

On May 16, 2019, Ancable opened its first store -- Tianchang Store in Anhui province. After that, three stores will open in August and September, three in November and December, and five from May to July 2020. After the preparatory period, there are still four stores waiting to open, with 30 expected this year.

The professional store system is a strong supporter of building Ancable brand image and a core indicator of the company's strategic layout. Behind the scenes, Ancable has built a strong franchise system, a marketing network and a stronger customer service platform.

In the future, the Ancables will bring further industrial advantages, stimulate development momentum, rely on enough technology research and development and manufacturing capacity, combined with the market and customer demand, nuclear cables, special cables to break through the cable technical barriers, help break through the wave of China's nuclear power business.