Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd Speeds Up the New Infrastructure Construction for the 14th Five-Year Plan

Published: 2020-12-11 Auther: Aviva   Hits:

With the stable, increasing demand for the new infrastructure, the 14th Five- Year Plan of the nation focuses on the digital development and fundamental construction directions, which become the strategic planning's main goals.

Under this new circumstance, Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd (Far East Holding) catches the opportunity to become a part of the new infrastructure construction.

The Reinforcement of Industrial Layout Under the New Infrastructure Construction

5G is the essential fundamental construction to support the digitalization, networkization and intelligentization of the socio-economic development. According to the data, by the end of 2020, there will be more than 50,0000 5G base stations nationwide, and the overall investment in 5G network reaches 120 million.

Far East Holding Group stays updated with the newest digital development that enters the field of data transmission. In 2018, Far East started its strategic collaboration with Zhejiang Narada Power Sour on several digital service projects, smart energy storage, and operation service.

Far East is meeting new opportunities under the new infrastructure construction, becoming the core engine of our nation's 14th Five- Year Plan.

Occupying the High-end Market in Demand

There is an increasing demand for high-end cable products due to the rapid development of smart cities and the new energy industry. The future directions of cable products are high-quality, durability, environment-friendly, safety and power-saving.

Through 35 years of continuous industry research, Far East boasts a leading platform for technological innovation, has built academician expert workstation, postdoctoral research workstation.

Far East has successfully constructed China's first UHV power transmission project, Southeast Shanxi-Nanyang-Jingmen 1000 kV UHV AC Test Demonstration Project, which broke the foreign technology monopoly.

Far East provides a comprehensive solution for developing the new infrastructure construction with its "ultimate products and services."

Focusing on the New Development During the Progress of Transformation

In the "Chinese Communist Party Outlines Recommendations for Economic Targets in 14th Five Year Plan, 2035 Vision," essential requirements include strengthening China's economic, technological, and composite capacity, development in new industrialization, and the modernization.

Staying updated with the development of the new infrastructure construction, Far East has never stopped developing digital manufacturing transformation focusing on information technology and equipment upgrade.

Far East insists on the "green manufacturing principle." To further complete the enterprise's green and sustainable development, "green factory" becomes the industrial transformation's core engine.

With the 14th Five- Year Plan initiation, Far East aims to expand a smarter future under the new infrastructure construction.