The "Blood System" of China Zun

Published: 2021-01-29 Auther: Zhang Duo   Hits:

  How does the 800-meter cable become the "main vessel" of China Zun that goes across the body of the building?The high-voltage cable will continuously supply energy to the building's electrical core. Hence, safety and stability are very important.

  Super high-rise buildings are facing the challenges of the safety of power usage and economic efficiency. With it over 35 years' industrial experience, Far East takes the great responsibility.

  The high-voltage cable will continuously supply energy to the building's electrical core, so its safety and stability are very important. Suppose we use the traditional steel wire armored cable directly supplied from the bottom high-voltage main substation to the sub-substation above. In that case, the cable must be bundled and installed with the bridge frame when laid in the vertical shaft, which will take up a large space, and the steel wire armor will have large eddy current loss, which is not economical.

  Far East Cable innovated and developed self-bearing cables. Three steel wire ropes are embedded in the vertical section of the cable and equipped with hoisting discs. The wire ropes are twisted with three cable cores. During hoisting and long-term power-on operation, the steel wire ropes and hoisting discs are stressed.

  According to the cable's laying requirement, Far East has made its innovation in the original cable structure.

  Far East uses a new type of arrangement and a one-plate double-hanging load-bearing spreader. No matter how long or heavy the cable can support its weight and effectively guarantee the building's power supply system's safety, further saving space and economic cost.

  With the maturity of structural safety technology for modern buildings, super high-rise buildings have sprung up on the Chinese land at a rapid speed, and the hanging cables for super high-rise buildings by Far East are exclusively designed for this trend.