The Exploration of Surprises Within Far East's 2020

Published: 2021-02-04 Auther: ZhangJingJing   Hits:

2020 is the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Far East. Every member of Far East made great achievements in the past year. Now let's get into the number of 2020 to explore the surprises and changes hidden in the number 2020.

789 Retailers: The Upgrade of the Online and Offline Marketing System

In March of 2020, Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd announced the important strategic planning- it opens its first business invitation to dealers, establishing the market mode of direct selling + distribution.

According to the data, Far East opens 46 retail stores and has 789 registered dealers in 2020. Online platforms, including mmbao and other e-commence platforms ( Alibaba), offline platforms including retail stores and dealers, lightening up every household by thousands of stores in many cities.

Its Brand Value of 81.18 Billion: the Core Competence of the Brand Driven by Innovation

Far East Holding Group has been on the list of "Asia's Top 500 Brands" for over ten years with its brand value at 81.18 billion RMB in 2020. Meanwhile, Far East received honors of "Top 10 Influential Brands in Asia" and "Top10 Leading Industrial Brands in China."

Far East is widely recognized behind the continuing upgrade of the brand value by its product quality, services, leading innovation, and brand leadership. The accurate brand strategy leads the development of the upgrade and transformation of the cooperation, presenting the brand image of "Far East cable, global trusted."

35 New Products Pass the Evolution: Insisting in Technical Innovation, Leading the Industrial Standard

In 2020, Far East continued its exploration in technical exploration, further accelerating the new development and research of new product and technique. 35 new products of Far East passed the evaluation.

As leading cooperation with 35 years' industrial experience, Far East aims to become an enterprise with great research capacity through the natural technique and equipment, keeping fulfilling the market demand with its products with the excellent property.

1000+ Training Hours: the Study-Mode Organization Cultivates Talents

In 2020, Far East University continued to organize the "Leadership Program" and "Market Elite Program" for over 140 sessions, over 1000 hours with about 15000 participants, benefiting core staff members, dealers and the management team.

Since the founding of Far East, the enterprise aims to establish the study-mode organization to cultivate an innovative talent team of Far East.

256+30 Entrepreneurship Support Stations: Targeting the Poverty Alleviation, Taking Social Responsibility

On October 31 of 2020, the 5th "five creation forum" for people with disabilities was successfully held. In the forum, Far East Charitable Foundation signed the official contract with the Association of People with Disability in Changsha, setting up 30 entrepreneurship support stations. So far, Far East Charitable Foundation has set up 286 entrepreneurship support stations.

Far East has never stopped its support for people with disability in the past 35 years' development. The charity has become one of Far East's three core goals, taking social responsibility to win poverty alleviation.

In 2020, we marched forward together. More surprises to be explored in Far East's new chapter in 2021.