Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd Provides a Comprehensive Solution for the Photovoltaic Industry

Published: 2021-02-19 Auther: Zhang Duo   Hits:

Energy is the national economy's material foundation and one of the 14th Five-Year Plan's essential components. The sufficient supply of the photovoltaic plays an important role in the 14th Five-Year Plan during its development.

As one of the leading enterprises in the cable industry, Far East Cable Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd) has participated in various projects, including 50MW Huan Cheng Water Park Photovoltaic Power Station (Shandong Province), Qiandao Lake Scenic Area Reservoir (Zhejiang ProvinceKarachi (Pakistan). The photovoltaic industry is marching into the century with a fast growth rate.

The Full-Cycle Service Accelerates the Project 

Before the Chinese New Year of 2019, Far East Cable went to the on-site scene to do the equipment debugging after getting the notification from the Weinan "Frontrunner" Project Base for the Solar Photovoltaic System.

The overall period for the grid-connected power generation is eight months. The installed capacity is 100MV, and the occupied area is about 4500 mu. The establishment of the specific energy production center of the Guanzhong region has a significant contribution to the local economic growth.

As the leading cable supplier of the Weinan "Frontrunner" Project Base for the Solar Photovoltaic System, Far East Cable contributed the "Far East power" to the success of power generation with its "ultimate products and services."

During the project, Far East group overcame various technical difficulties and optimized the technology. The final acceptance was completed on time safely, making a substantive contribution to the photovoltaic industry.

The Full Range Products Accelerate the Industrial Development

Far East Cable Co., Ltd has the comprehensive and professional solutions and a product research system for more than thirty years within the industry, conducting in-depth research in the development and production of cable used for the photovoltaic system.

The 35kV and under power cable for the usage of water surface and shallow and photovoltaic direct current line are all self-developed by Far East, which fulfils the various appliable circumstances, leading the development of the industry with its systematic solutions.

This specific cable product is halogen-free, ultraviolet resistant and weather-proof that fulfils various requirements under harsh environment. This product also received the TUV Certificate, and the production follows the European Union standard.

With its leading advantages in brand and technology, Far East Cable will continue to participate in more projects, further contributing to "Far East power" to the national energy development with its ultimate products and services.