Far East Selected as a Key Provider for The Largest Station of Beijing-Harbin High-speed Railway

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The section of the Beijing-Harbin high-speed railway from Beijing Chaoyang to Chengde south was put into operation on January 22, marking the completion of the Beijing-Harbin high-speed railway, an important passenger rail channel in China. Beijing Chaoyang Station (formerly Spark station) opened simultaneously. Since then, Beijing has officially entered a new era of transportation with six railway passenger transport hubs, namely Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station, Qinghe Railway Station and Beijing Chaoyang Railway Station, as well as two international airports, Capital International Airport and Daxing International Airport.

Beijing Chaoyang station is one of the main station of Beijing railway passenger transport hub total pattern, the starting and ending station of the Beijing-Harbin high-speed railway, and the largest station of Beijing-Harbin high-speed railway. The project department of underground Diameter Line of Beijing Railway Bureau is responsible for the construction, China Railway Design Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for the design, and China Railway Construction Group is responsible for the construction. The total construction area is about 183,000 square meters, and there are 7 sets and 15 lines in total. After completion, it will provide strong support for accelerating the development of northeast part in Beijing.

As an important participant in the construction of Beijing Chaoyang Station, Far East Cable Co., LTD participated in the construction project and provided a large number of wire and cable products. The project construction was assisted by high-quality products and services, which fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength of the industry leader and ensured the completion of the project on schedule.

Beijing Chaoyang Station is the first major modern intelligent passenger station built in Beijing in the new era, and has many technical innovation, for example, the platform canopy roof is used as an outdoor parking lot for the first time in China, which not only solves the problem of insufficient municipal supporting parking area of the station, but also reduces the influence of the noise of the depot on the surrounding environment. At the same time, it has also developed a school of its own in terms of lighting methods. The traditional integrated lighting scheme of hanging shed is adjusted to a combination of floor lamp, chandelier and wall lamp, which reduces the height of lamps and energy consumption to create a green, energy-saving, warm and pleasant indoor environment.

Through the "smart brain" control system, station managers can also use mobile terminals slightly larger than mobile phones to monitor the whole process of peer energy use, equipment operation, and people flow in functional areas, so that they can respond quickly in case of emergencies. In addition, the mobile terminal can also adjust the lighting, radio volume, air conditioning temperature, and update the train and passenger information in time.

For any project, electricity is essential, especially for such a major project as Beijing Chaoyang Station, for the consequences will be unimaginable if there are power problems. This puts forward high requirements for power supply system, and high efficiency, reliability and stability are the core. As an important carrier of power transmission, the quality of wire and cable is also crucial. If there is something wrong with the wire and cable, it will have a significant impact on the power supply system, and even cause security risks. Therefore, ensuring the quality of wire and cable products has become important. This is the advantage of the Far East cable.

As a leader in cable industry for 36 years, the Far East Cable always gives top priority to product quality, adheres to the high standard of "quality lifeline", pays close attention to product quality, integrates quality consciousness into every detail of production and operation, and every product from raw materials to production process is strictly in accordance with national standards. Even the structural size, electrical properties, mechanical properties and other inspection results of many products are beyond the national standard level.

The Far East Cable also constructed the "true material, true technology, true quality, true service" four true culture. Build strong quality of atmosphere, work hard to build a culture of quality, and root quality consciousness to every employee in the heart through quality management, quality education and quality promotion, quality research, quality competition, the quality of speech, and activities such as quality month.

In terms of service, through the effective linkage of multiple departments, the Far East Cable sets the strength of the whole company, to provide customers with marketing, technology and other services, forming a service system covering the whole life cycle of pre-sale, sale and after-sale. In particular, Yuandong Cable has set up a professional technical service team to provide customers with comprehensive and full-cycle professional services such as scheme design, product selection, installation guidance and field testing. At the same time, we can respond to customer needs in a timely manner. No matter the distance, remote or not, we can arrive at the site in the first time to help customers solve the problems encountered in the process of product use. With timely and extreme service, Far East Cable has won customers' full recognition of the Far East brand and won the title of "Five-star Service Certification".

With its advantages in technology, quality and service, the Far East Cable has participated in the construction of several high-speed railway stations, such as Qinghe station of Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing high-speed railway, for which far East Cable has provided all cable products. The Far East Cable also build ChengKun railway miyi to panzhihua period of expansion project, the zhejiang section SongYang on qu ning railway station, zhejiang longyou period on qu ning railway station, new qu ning the zhejiang section of the local railway station, new zheng wan railway hubei xiangyang XYDCS standard, new LFFZ-1 of lianyungang to zhenjiang railway mechanical and electrical installation project (filling station station clouds , Guannan Station room, Lianshui Station room) and other projects, the total supplier amount is more than 22 million yuan. Because of its rich experience, the Far East Cable has also won high recognition from China Railway Construction Group, the construction contractor of Beijing Chaoyang Station. Finally, the two sides signed an order contract to provide the project with nearly 20 million yuan of wire and cable products, including low smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant wires, thus boosting the smooth progress of the project.

As the industry's first won the national award of benchmarking enterprise, the Far East Cable is favored by customers because of high research and development strength, and the spirit of adherence to the quality of originality, and provides the intelligent cable products and system solutions for the Shanghai world financial center, the jiuquan satellite launch center, hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge and Beijing new landmark, the Buddha and a series of national key project engineering. In the future, the Far East Cable will continue to forge ahead and make greater contributions to national construction and economic development.