On the List for 11 Consecutive Years! The Brand Value of the Far East Reached a New High of 89.898 Billion yuan

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On September 28th, the 16th Asian Brand Festival kicked off. At the meeting, the list of 2021 "Top 500 Asian Brands" was released, and Far East Holding Group was listed with 89.898 billion yuan brand value, together with Huawei, Alibaba, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other well-known brands, and retained the first prize in the list of industry brand value. At the same time, the Far East won the "Top 10 Influential Brands in Asia" and "Top 10 Leading Brands in China"

Zhou Wei, senior partner and deputy director of brand culture department of Far East Smart Energy Co., LTD. (stock code: 600869) attended the award ceremony.

The opening ceremony

At the ceremony, global and Asian political and business leaders, brand leaders, domestic and foreign enterprise representatives, media organizations gathered in Haikou to witness the birth of this year's Top 500 Asian Brands.

The value list of "Asia's Top 500 Brands" was jointly launched by Asiabrand, China Association for Asian Economic Development Brand Management Professional Committee and ABAS Expert Committee. As a direct reflection of the value and objective strength of Asian brands, the Top 500 Asian Brands list has attracted attention from all walks of life for its professionalism and extensive influence. It has become an important data of common concern in the business, financial and academic circles, and is known as the "wind vane of Asian brand development".

At the Forum

In the afternoon, the Asian Brands International Forum with the theme of "Brand Financial Innovation in the Digital Era" was held. Zhou Wei was invited to attend and deliver a speech on behalf of the Far East.

Zhou Wei’ s speech

Zhou Wei said that since its establishment 36 years ago, the Far East has served customers mainly in the industrial field. Through timely and excellent products and services, we have accumulated profound precipitation in technology, channels, reputation and other aspects. At the same time, driven by people's yearning for a better life and digital, intelligent and other technologies, the market has more and higher demands. Therefore, the biggest innovation in the Far East's brand this year is to extend from 2B to 2C.

Zhou Wei mentioned that, the Far East has established professional team, aiming at C terminal business, and has launched a new comb and upgrade from the aspects such as brand strategy, product strategy and communication strategy, turning to a more professional, digital, scenario development, making it closer to the terminal consumers and giving brand a sense of warmth. The Far East is not only a brand respected by the industry, but also a domestic brand favored by consumers. From everyone to families, we can build a safe, green and beautiful life together

Brand is the only important asset that can directly bring continuous premium ability to enterprises, while high-quality development of enterprises is the cornerstone of sustainable brand construction. Riding on the spring breeze of reform and opening up, rooted in the fertile soil of industrial culture, and owning the 36 years of professional accumulation, the Far East has bred the brand of adhering to excellent quality and independent innovation.

As a leading enterprise in the industry, from wire and cable manufacturing to providing the whole industry chain services of "planning and design - product supply - construction and installation - operation and maintenance monitoring - Energy efficiency management - total investment", from a single cable business to the four business segments: smart cable network, smart battery, smart airport and smart energy. With strong R & D and manufacturing strength and the spirit of continuous innovation and change, the Far East has been awarded the "National Quality Award", "National Quality And Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise", "National Cable Industry Product Quality Award" and other honorary titles.

It is reported that Far East Holdings, as a listed subsidiary of Far East Holdings Group, has maintained steady growth in revenue in recent years. In 2020, its operating revenue was 19.804 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 15.44%. In addition, according to the 2021 semi-annual report released by the company, the report period achieved revenue of 9.046 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 14.45%. Thus, the Far East deserves to be ranked 132nd on the authoritative list.

Jiang Xipei, founder, chairman of the board and party secretary of Far East Holding Group, once said: "In the future, only enterprises with quality, brand and reputation can go further." Therefore, while making the industry bigger and stronger, the Far East also regards building corporate brand as an important strategic goal and keeps making efforts to improve the brand value year by year, promoting the Far East to become a leader in the industry.

In the future, the Far East will continue to innovate and explore, carry out more practices in brand building, bring more cases to the industry, and make the Far East an international enterprise loved by employees and respected by the society!